The Corona Virus

With the Corona virus (Covid-19) taking center stage in our lives right now, many people are terrified. It is a difficult time, as we have never been in this situation before and people don’t know how to respond. The most important thing I learned is to listen to the experts. Dr. Anthony Fauci is a world expert on Infectious Diseases and Viruses.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet him on many occasions, and have even had dinner with him. When he speaks, he speaks; clearly, speaks from the heart, and he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He states the facts and helps us all feel safer. As we go forward, we all need to do our part in listening to the instructions we been given. That includes social distancing of 6 feet. I know this is hard at times, but we must do our best. Stay safe at home. The more people we can keep home, the fewer infections we will have. It is apparent that this virus spreads quickly, and we don’t want it to take over our community.

Love the Golden Rule is still open.

If you have any prescription issues, please contact the pharmacy first. I will be checking voicemails daily to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. We do ask that if you are ill, that you do not come into the office. Stay home and stay safe. If you have a fever, you should go to the emergency room. We all look forward to the end of this pandemic; I believe they were all doing the right thing and that if we continue to stick together and follow directions, we will get through this quickly and safely.

Remember, Be Happy, Help Others.

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