On May 3, 2020, Love the Golden Rule Inc. celebrates 7 years of existence. To think that Love the Golden Rule was an idea that is the outcome of having observed the way patients were being treated at homeless shelters. At one facility, patients were left standing in a parking lot and 95° plus weather with no water and no shade. If a storm came, they would all hover under the van to avoid the lightning. There were usually only 12 spots to see patients, but the lines often had 20 people waiting.

My mother taught me to treat others with kindness and treat them the way I wanted to be treated myself. This behavior is just not being practiced in today’s society. There was a time in my life when there are those who would tell you I didn’t practice the Golden Rule. I regret those days and have made amends to his many people as possible. I’m grateful now to have the opportunity to practice the Golden Rule on a daily basis. During the first year, I traveled the country and three foreign countries passing out wristbands that said: “Love the Golden Rule”. During my time in one elementary school, I was told many of them knew about the Golden Rule. Since it was from the Bible, the book of Matthew, schools no longer teach the Golden Rule as it was written. In one elementary school with a group of over 100 students, many told me it was about respect. The teachers had done an excellent job explaining respect about the Golden Rule.

In April 2014, we purchased a boarded-up building at 721 Dr. MLK Street South. Working through the summer, JoJo and I spent days and weeks cleaning and painting for six months. The clinic opened by October 1 of 2014, and we have seen over 3500 patients. We have treated over 2000 patients for Hepatitis C and know that we have cured over 1000 patients up to this date.

We are very proud of our clinic and specifically for having the best team of employees that anyone could wish for. Stop by and see us and/or send a donation. We are a 501 C3 organization and donations go to programs that provide financial assistance directly to those with Hepatitis C.

Thank you for your support over the last 7 years and as always: Be Happy, Help Others

Dr. Bob

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