a new day


Here we are in February already, and the weather in Florida has been wonderful. The clinic at Love the Golden Rule Inc. continues to grow every day. We have now cured over 1000 patients with Hepatitis C. The referrals keep coming in from the Pinellas County Health Department and PAR. With medications provided by the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies, we have the opportunity to wipe out hepatitis C in the Tampa Bay area. It will not be easy. Nevertheless, it is possible. My efforts are to continue to educate more people about hepatitis C and prepare providers with the knowledge they need to cure people of hepatitis C. We are meeting new people every day. We are not only curing hepatitis C, but we are given a chance every day to shower people with love, spirituality, and information about recovery. Each day seems to get better than the day before.

Our interests an HIV continues to grow. As a physician certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine, there is the opportunity to continue to educate patients and physicians. The Academy has many presentations available on the website regarding PreP and the need for us to step up our efforts, assuring that young people have a chance to learn about the virus from knowledgeable sources and avoid infection. I will continue my efforts by reaching out to organizations like Mount Zion Progressive Baptist Church As part of the health ministry there, and we have the opportunity to reach many young people who are at risk.

President Trump reference AIDS in his State of the Union Address last night by saying we can eliminate the virus. With great efforts in coordination, we should be able to stop new infections and help those living with HIV live longer, healthier lives. As chairperson for the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of HIV Medicine, I know we can get to Tallahassee and make a difference for those living with HIV. Our next conference call is February 12, 2020, and we plan to launch our programs to be delivered to our state legislators. Continue to be kind, and remember to Be Happy, Help Others.

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