Introducing Cabotegravir – Bimonthly Injectable Prep

Treatment for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PreP has been available to his s him since 2012. The first drug approved for this was Truvada. It was indicated for both men and women for the prevention of HIV infection. It has been very effective and very successful. Soon thereafter, a new formulation of the drug was approved by the FDA known as Descovy. The benefits of this drug included less time in the plasma, therefore fewer side effects, such as bone mineral density decrease and change in renal function.

Most recently, the FDA has approved the new drug known as Cabotegravir which will be marketed under the name of Apretude. This medication will include an intramuscular injection at the initiation of therapy. A repeat dose at one month and then the medicine may be given every two months. It will require that patients have an HIV test done before their injection, and it will be necessary to stay on time with your scheduled appointments every two months.

We are already prescribing this medication for patients who desire Prep and look forward to how this may change the landscape for those at risk for acquiring HIV. The most common risk group are men who have sex with men, and we encourage everyone who is sexually active to consider being on PreP.

If you have any further questions, please call the office and make an appointment to come and see me. We look forward to seeing this new treatment become more readily available through insurance companies.

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Dr. Bob

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