World Hepatitis Day

Hello friends,
Yesterday, July 28, 2018 was World Hepatitis Day. There wasn’t much fanfare or celebration, in fact there wasn’t much information at all. Congressman Charlie Crist held a town hall meeting at the Palladium which was well attended. I had a chance to speak up and inform people about hepatitis C and the good work being done at Love the Golden Rule Inc. We had a recent blood draw and were able to help 40 people. We are rapidly approaching 600 people cured of hepatitis C at our little clinic here in St. Petersburg. I am so proud of our staff.
We were blessed with two very large donations in the last week and we continue to appreciate every dollar that is donated to Love the Golden Rule Inc. Please remember us when you’re thinking of making a donation to a charity.
We look forward to seeing more of you in the clinic, the family practice is growing very nicely. We were also recently granted a 340 B pharmacy which will make things more convenient for our patients as we continue to grow.
Thank you all for your continued support and remember Be Happy, Help Others.
Dr. Bob