As we are seeing more spread of the monkeypox wanted to give you more information. The monkeypox virus was discovered in Africa in 1958 in monkeys. It mutated to the point it became a human virus that was not spread easily by casual contact, but spread by the body to body contact. We now know it also can be spread by using a towel after someone who had monkeypox has just used it. It is not clear how long it will survive off the body. There is currently no treatment, but there is a preventive vaccine. Vaccine will take two shots 28 days apart and will be important to get the second shot.

Although the Pinellas County Health Department has done an excellent job in preparing and providing vaccine. They are currently out of the vaccine. It is not clear when new vaccine will be available, or how much will be available. Love the Golden Rule Inc. has been chosen as a distribution center. However we do not have any vaccine at this time. We have a very long waiting list already at this point and we will be taking care of our patients before treating anyone in the general population. Please stay in touch with the health department to find out when they will have the vaccine so that you can be vaccinated soon.

I’m recommending that people avoid pool parties with large attendance as that does create body to body contact, which could be a risk if anybody has the virus.

Please be careful as far as we know, I’m not aware of fatalities related to this virus that we need to continue to monitor it closely.

Be Happy, Help Others

Dr. Bob 

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