Visiting Chicago

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Visiting Chicago

Good Evening Friends,
Chicago is a great city. Though the visit was short it was great to see the skyline, especially on such a sunny day. The day was spent at an advisory board meeting for a pharmaceutical company. It was an honor to be invited to share my opinion on the newest treatment for hepatitis C. The most recent drug approved for the treatment of Hepatitis C is Mavyret. The treatment is an easy eight weeks, and the dosing is particularly easy with three pills once daily. So far all the patients we had treated had done very well. We’ve not seen any failures at this point.
At Love the Golden Rule Inc., We’ve now seen over 2000 patients. We had treated over 500 patients, and our cure is similar to that seen in the clinical trials. We continue to see on average, two new patients a day with Hepatitis C. The chance to cure them is so rewarding, that I look forward to going to work every day. We are grateful for all of you who have been through treatment, and especially those of you who have referred your friends to be treated.

If you have any questions please contact the office at 727 – 826 – 0700.

I wish you all a wonderful week and always remember, Be Happy, Help Others.

by : robert wallace

23 April 18

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