Turning 62

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Turning 62

Hello Friends,

I turned 62 today, another milestone. I could go to the Social Security office and apply for benefits, I could go skydiving, I could go ride roller coasters, or I could go to the beach. The beach usually wins as it is a great place to spend time. It’s a great place for meditation. With all the chaos in our country, it is nice to have a space where one can meditate and refresh. We are so fortunate to be here in St. Petersburg Florida, with plentiful beaches, and beautiful landscapes. With the colorful sunsets that are offered every evening, one can get lost in thought and be creative.

Take some time to go to the beach, clear your head, plan your future, or just sit and meditate. Take a day away from the media and let conversations flow with friends or family. Or better yet, make new friends. You will return refreshed, and ready to reach out to others.


Be Happy, Help Others

Dr. Bob

by : robert wallace

8 August 17

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