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Talk about Politics

Good Morning Friends and Family
It is always risky to get into a discussion about politics these days. So many people have such strong opinions that it creates that it creates strong tension within the room, the air is so heavy you could cut it with a knife.. Having been in Washington DC at the time Brett Kavanaugh’s vote was taken, I found myself needing to take a pause, and redirect my thoughts.. You can never forget a moment like that. The vote was 51 to 49.

On the other hand, I went to a fundraiser last night for some people running for office in our Tampa Bay area. It is wonderful to have the chance to meet all these people who are interested in redirecting our path forward in this country. My most important message to all of you is, to vote. We were given this right and we need to take advantage of it, especially now. Just this morning just this morning I heard of new efforts to strip transgender’s of their rights here in the United States. It is a very frightening time for many of our friends. Please be vocal, be safe, but be vocal. It will be great to pass November 6, 2018 this year. I wish all of you the best in choosing the candidates you feel would be the most appropriate to lead our fantastic country.
Be Happy, Help Others,
Dr. Bob.

by : robert wallace

22 October 18

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