Support for Those Affected by Harvey

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Support for Those Affected by Harvey

Hello Friends,

It is so difficult to watch the news stories about all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. After Katrina, I had the great opportunity to work in shelters in Montgomery Alabama and then drive to Mississippi and work in a small town for three days. So much focus was given to New Orleans that most of the small towns around were not getting any assistance. It appears that were now in the same position with most people focusing on Houston, which truly needs our prayers and donations. We need to also be praying for the people in the small town such as Beaumont and Port Arthur Texas. I encourage any of you who have anything to donate, to please consider donating to the cause. The Red Cross is a wonderful organization, and the money sent to them will be used to help survivors of this terrible catastrophe. ABC is doing a day of giving up as another opportunity for people to give. Thank you to all of those who already given, and look in your heart, remembering the Golden Rule, and think about how you would want to be treated if you are in the middle of this disaster. All of us have the opportunity to give, but more importantly all of us have the opportunity to pray for those affected at this time.

Please remember, Be Happy, Help Others.

Dr. Bob


by : robert wallace

31 August 17

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