Presenting at Grand Rounds

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Presenting at Grand Rounds

I had the great opportunity to present Grand Rounds today at Bayfront Health Center. It is always pleasant to return to the Medical Center that taught you to be a Doctor. That feeling that you get just walking through the doors, and being reminded of the many experiences you had there brings a smile. Presenting data on HIV/AIDS for the Doctors to earn necessary credits for their license always gives me a good feeling. It has been something  I have had the chance to do for many years. While looking out into the audience, seeing the faces of those great men and women who taught me medicine, I had the chance to reflect on my career in HIV Medicine. Dr. Clinton Holder, an Infectious Disease Doctor was there. We shared patients over the years. There were others who taught me as well. The part I like most is when the lecture is over and the audience begins asking questions. I may not have all the answers, but today, I had the answers to all of the questions.

Thank you for the opportunity to share the message that is so needed. HIV has not gone away, in fact it may be closer than you think. Talk to your family, especially the children, about HIV, how it is spread, and how it can be controlled with medication. If we could get everyone on treatment, we could eliminate the virus. That would be nice.

Remember, Be Happy, Help Others,

Dr. Bob

by : robert wallace

11 January 19

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