The Giving Tree Award

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The Giving Tree Award

Hello friends,
On Friday, March 23, 2018 we were granted the “Giving Tree Award”. The ceremony was a kickoff to the Tampa pride Festival. The evening was quite beautiful, and was held at City Side Lounge in Tampa Florida. There were a number of legacy awards being given. One of the great, and well deserving winners is Mayor Rick Kriseman.

I would like to thank No Product Labels, Inc. for considering us, and granting us this award. Love the Golden Rule Inc. will soon be five years old and we are grateful for the services we been able to provide to our community. Although we see 3 to 5 new hepatitis C patients every day, our focus has been on providing Primary Care to the members of our community. Feel free to contact us for all of your medical needs, we welcome your calls and look forward to seeing you in our beautiful new clinic.

by : robert wallace

6 April 18

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