Baby, It’s cold outside

That song caught a lot of attention during the holiday. It is certainly appropriate for what’s going on outside today. I am praying for those in the North in the Midwest in the upper Northwest were struggling with temperatures below zero. I’m happy to be able to tolerate 60° weather and sunshine here in Florida.
We continue to see growth in the practice, our family has grown with the addition of Sheila. We miss Gordon very much but he has been in touch with us and he did make it to Alaska without incident. We are seeing anywhere from 3 to 5 new hepatitis C patients daily. What is more important, is that we are bringing patients back after treatment and finding were curing nearly 5 patients every week. Mavyret is a drug that is made a major difference in the treatment of hepatitis C. I’m grateful to the pharmaceutical companies for providing this medication to our underserved and uninsured population. We have now cured over 700 people and continue moving forward with the goal of eliminating hepatitis C here in Pinellas County. I hope you all are well and look forward to seeing you here in our clinic. Be sure to talk to your friends and remind them that we are a family practice clinic and can take care of all of your medical needs here at Love the Golden Rule Inc.
Remember, Be Happy, Help Others
Dr. Bob